Busy Brushes Pottery 

Paint Masterpieces Together

How It Works:

Choose a Piece 
Choose one of our many pottery pieces. We get new pieces in every few weeks and always keep some seasonal and classics pieces in stock. Our prices range from $5 - $40.
Paint It
Our staff will set you up with a painting station. This includes a mat, cup of water, brushes and paint. We will pour your paint for you and you can begin.
Kiln It
Once you are done, we will collect your information and attach it to your piece. We will then kiln your pieces on that week's Sunday and get back to you within two weeks.

Looking to have a Pottery Party? 


Pricing and Selection

The pieces are priced from $5 - $40. This price includes painting supplies. 
An additional $3 kilning fee applies to all pieces $10+. 
We always have staple pieces in stock like:
- Mugs 
- Plates 
- Bowls 
- Animal Figurines 
We also order seasonal pieces for Valentine's Day, Christmas etc. 
Our selection is always changing so be sure to drop by every now and again to have a look.